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The Air We Breathe

UK Publisher: Windmill

Autumn, 1916. America is preparing to enter WWI, but at Tamarack State Hospital, the danger is barely felt. Here in the crisp, mountain air where wealthy tuberculosis patients recover in private cottages and charity patients, mostly European émigrés, fill the sanatorium, time stands still. Prisoners of routine and yearning for absent families, the inmates take solace in gossip, rumour and secret attachments.

One enterprising patient initiates a weekly discussion group, but his well-meaning efforts lead instead to tragedy and betrayal. The war comes home, bringing with it a surge of anti-immigrant prejudice and vigilante sentiment. Andrea Barrett pits power and privilege against unrest and thwarted desire in a spellbinding tale of individual lives in a nation on the verge of extraordinary change.

Praise for The Air We Breathe:

‘Andrea Barrett is in a class by herself. A near-perfect equipoise between smooth storytelling and the suggestion of larger truths.’ Newsday

‘Few writers have mastered the historical novel as [Barrett] has… Her re-creation of time and place remains glittering.’ The Times

‘This is a meticulously researched novel, and provides an edifying glimpse into an odd, static world during a period when the world outside was anything but static… ‘ Daily Telegraph