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The Anxious Gardener

UK Publisher: Frances Lincoln

What gardener isn’t anxious?

In “The Anxious Gardener” Roszika Parker wittily addresses the worries evoked by a series of gardening tasks over the course of a year. Each episode involves a dialogue between the Anxious Gardener and the Gardening Mentor, who offers practical solutions to the AG’s all-too-emotional dilemmas. A third voice, belonging to Maud-Next-Door, dispenses understanding and envy in unequal measure through the latticework of trellis surrounding the AG’s flowerbeds. As the AG sows the seeds of desire, is led into temptation, insists on monogamy, unwillingly accepts ageing, fails to leave well alone, this book explore the emotional life of the gardener: the envy, anxiety, guilt, rage and satisfaction unearthed, or unleashed, by the spade.