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The Ballroom Class

UK Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

It’s strictly a step in the right direction…

When three couples join a new ballroom class, they’re all looking for some magic in their lives.

Lauren and Chris are getting married, and Lauren’s dreaming of a fairytale wedding with a first dance to make Cinderella proud. Not wanting to be shown up on the dancefloor, her parents Bridget and Frank have come along too. They normally never put a foot wrong, but Bridget’s got a secret that could trip them up unexpectedly. Meanwhile Katie and Ross are looking for a quick-fix solution to their failing marriage – even though neither is quite sure who’s leading who anymore.

As friendships form over the foxtrot, the rumba rocks relationships, and the tango leads to true love, all the students in the Ballroom Class are about to face the music and dance…

Praise for The Ballroom Class:

‘I really enjoyed this novel. It’s for everyone who loves to watch dance, join in a dance and all those who’s heart is in dance’ – Arlene Phillips, Strictly Come Dancing

‘An accurate delve into the world of dance and its influence on ordinary people – I couldn’t put it down’ – Camilla Dallerup, star of Strictly Come Dancing

‘A top tome for all who’ve come over a little Strictly Come Dancing of late, as Dillon explores the dramas and betrayals of four amateur ballroom dancers. If you like a healthy dose of glitter and spangle with your reading, look no further’ – InStyle

‘I adored this juicy novel… you’ll be swept off your feet’ – Lousie Bagshawe, the Mail on Sunday

‘Think Strictly meets Corrie – dig out your spangly dancing shoes!’ – Company ****

Strictly Come Dancing with added off-floor love, betrayal and glitz makes Lucy Dillon’s dazzling debut a must for ballroom fans’ – the Mirror

‘A really wonderful piece of escapist reading, a definite must for not just fans of dance, but all those who love a fantastic read! For a debut novel, this is superb, and I do hope Lucy Dillon continues to write brilliant books’ – *****

‘If Strictly Come Dancing didn’t convince you of the transformative powers of the tango, waltz and foxtrot, this book should… There are some fantastic laugh-a-minute moments as the numerous wallflowers find themselves transformed by their moment in the spotlight. A charming, heartwarming, entertaining read for all would-be dancefloor divas’ – Glamour Magazine

‘You’ll be swept away by Angelica’s passion to turn her pupils into stylish and sensual movers, on and off the dance floor. This inspirational tale is a must-have for any fan of Britain’s hottest craze’ – Inside Soap Magazine

‘At the ballroom dancing class, the older couples reginite romances. But Lauren – who’s only joined so that the first dance at her wedding will dazzle her guests – learns more than some new steps. Warm and romantic’ – Elle

‘Excellent debut novel… you’ll be booking dancing lessons after reading this’ – Candis

‘Sometimes when you are really excited by a new film or a new book you can end up disappointed. Not in the case of The Ballroom Class. The relationships are intense and real… As a fan of ballroom dancing I can imagine what they are doing on the dance floor but you don’t have to be a fan of dancing to enjoy this book. If you enjoy reading about relationships and all the complexities that go with it then this is for you. The ballroom dancing is the entertaining scenery’ 4/5

‘Very topical, with the nation hooked on Strictly Come Dancing – some nice humourous touches but for me this is a modern take on all the romantic fiction I read as a young teenager. Terrific!’ – Gateway Magaine (on-line literary magazine)

‘Frothy fun for fans of Strictly’ – New Woman

‘Essentially a feel-good novel, this has real subtlety and insight’ – Sydney Morning Herald