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The Bat Tattoo

UK Publisher: Bloomsbury

“I took a short-cut through the gallery and stopped to say hello to Handel. He was very casual in dressing-gown, night cap and slippers (one on one off) stroking his lyre…” relates 47 year old Roswell Clarke making his way to Chinese Ceramics. As he approaches his goal he ponders if a tattoo might be a good idea – would a happy bat bring him luck?

Meanwhile Sarah Varley stands in the museum facing a porcelain bowl with four red bats, a replica of one is tattooed on her left shoulder and she fingers it now beneath her jumper. So begins an unlikely alliance between two complete strangers and thus we enter the world of one of the most imaginative and uncompromising writers of our day.

Russell Hoban never fails to surprise, confound and challenge his readers with his own special mix of unexpected propositions and thought-provoking humour.

This is the celebrated author of TURTLE DIARY which was adapted for film with a script by Harold Pinter and starring Ben Kingsley. Russell Hoban’s other novels include such acclaimed works as RIDDLEY WALKER and PILGERMAN and most recently ANGELICA’S GROTTO and AMARYLLIS NIGHT AND DAY. He has also written numerous classics for children.