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The Big Mo

UK Publisher: Virgin Books

News cycles move faster now than ever before. Technology allows us to connect with others in seconds. And markets crumble with startling speed. Amidst it all, we’ve come to accept – even expect – that events will continue to accelerate and have an ever greater impact: that the next newsworthy disaster will be bigger than the last; that more money than ever will be made in business.

Welcome to the new world, in which momentum is the driving force behind everything.

Drawing on the latest research by economists and scientists as well as real-life examples, Mark Roeder charts the unstoppable rise of the Big Mo. He reveals why momentum was the real driver of the global financial crisis and how this mysterious force is also at work in spheres as diverse as the media, politics and the environment.

This provocative examination of the force that is reshaping our world is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the dangers of ‘going with the flow’ and harness the power of positive momentum.