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The Blood Stone

UK Publisher: Tamarind Books

A rich, panoramic tale of adventure, trust, loyalty and greed.

The jeweller Geronimo Veroneo has not been heard of for twelve years since leaving Venice for Hindustan in search of precious jewels and his fortune. His wife and children, left behind under the ‘protection’ of Bernado, a rich scoundrel whom the eldest daughter has been forced to marry, believe the father still to be alive. One day a stranger comes to the door with news of Geronimo who it seems has been taken hostage in Afghanistan and it seems the only way he can be freed is for a ransom to be paid. The family’s one asset is a rare and precious diamond which Bernardo has tried hard to get hold of.

Filippo, the hero of the novel sets out for Hindustan with the diamond sown into his scalp, encountering many adventures and tests of his character on the way.

In many ways this is the story of the ODYSSEY, full of dramatic twists and turns, bringing together different cultures, beliefs, landscapes, blessings and curses.


‘Meticulously researched, this is a story of huge scope and detail.’

The Observer