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Breaking Faith

UK Publisher: Allison & Busby
US Publisher: St Martin's Press
When she called her business Looking for Something?  Brodie Farrell hoped to receive challenging commissions from interesting clients.  Even by her standards, though, ‘demon rock’ musician Jared Fry is hard to please.  Fortunately his manager, the charismatic Eric Chandos, is easier to like, and it’s with him that Brodie works to find a new home for the rock star.
An old coaching inn on the Downs seems the perfect choice.  Though the locals are appalled – and their teenagers thrilled – at the arrival of the self-styled Satanist, Fry’s primary concern is his new swimming pool.  And that’s when he realises that the protesters outside are the least of his problems.
Brodie’s troubles are only just beginning, too.  She has a long-term relationship with gruff, hard-working Detective Superintendent Jack Deacon and an important platonic friendship with Daniel Hood, a quiet young teacher with hidden depths.  So why does she find herself so drawn to Chandos?  And how much is she going to risk before reality intercedes?


“Absorbing…pleasing page-turner.”  Publishers Weekly
“A taut story, an intriguing plot…strong characters, and some unusual twists add up to a winner.”  Booklist
“A brilliant example of how to bring a genre cliché to life.”  Kirkus

“Engaging.”  Library Journal

“An interesting entry in the series…if you enjoy the novels of the late Janie Bolitho, you will enjoy this series.”  Mystery Women