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Depths of Solitude

UK Publisher: Allison & Busby
US Publisher: St Martin's Press

The conclusion to their last job together left Brodie and her close friend Daniel Hood separated by an unbridgeable disagreement.  Then she finds Daniel has disappeared and his house is for sale.  But he isnt her only worry.  Brodie has become the victim of a hate campaign: her car is attacked, her handbag is stolen and she is subjected to a terrifying ordeal in that most civilised of places, the local library, where she was supposed to have met up with Daniel.  Could her friend really be behind these frightening events?  Could she have made him hate her that much?  One things certain: only a heartfelt hatred could explain whats happening to her.  And whats about to happen…


‘An object lesson in how many different kinds of suspense, from whodunnit puzzles to moral dilemmas to races against the clock, can be squeezed within a single binding.’ Kirkus

‘An excellent crime thriller.’  ET Life

‘Tension never flags.’  The Northern Echo