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The Devil Walks

Raised in secrecy by a mother everyone thinks has gone mad, Daniel’s only link to his past is the intricately built model of the family home, High Gates, a dolls’ house that is perfect in every detail. Daniel finds a sinister wooden doll hidden in the house and when he is reunited with the last remaining member of his family – his ‘uncle’ Severin – he is shocked to see that Severin bears an uncanny resemblance to the tiny figure.  Daniel begins to suspect that this vicious, haunted puppet of a figure has a chilling influence, bringing cruelty and spite in its wake. Severin is determined to get his hands on the doll and when he has done so, he will have no reason to spare Daniel’s life any longer.

The menace builds throughout in this deliciously creepy Gothic tale.

“A chilling instant classic that’s a joyful marriage of style and content….” – Guardian

“Fine couldn’t write an unengaging novel if she tried. Gripping from the start, this is supremely professional writing, with all the pleasures of a happy ending just when it’s most needed.” – Independent

a tautly written, perfectly paced supernatural spine-tingler.  Recommended, but not for a dark and stormy night” – Financial Times

“a deliciously spine-tingling tale in the tradition of Wilkie Collins” – Daily Telegraph