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The Drunken Cookbook

UK Publisher: Square Peg / Random House

Whether it’s a quiet pint of ale in a well-heeled watering hole or Jägerbombs at 2 a.m., one thing always follows another: hunger. All too often we cave in to the booze munchies and settle for kerbside cheesy chips or a dreadful doner kebab. There is another way. A better way.

Unlike driving, texting and neurosurgery, cooking can be improved by a drinking session. This book offers delicious recipes tailored to your level of tipsiness and perfect for soaking up the worst of it. Spicy Thai-style pork burgers, a quick couscous chicken biryani or authentic smoky burritos can be delectable and, more importantly, achievable with The Drunken Cookbook in hand.

An essential companion volume, if not prelude, to the bestselling Hungover Cookbook.

Amateur chef, professional boozer, poet, traveller and essayist, Milton Crawford is also a fantastic drinker. He states that 'seven days...