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The Ferocious Summer

UK Publisher: Profile Books

This remarkable book tells the story of Antarctic warming and how scientists are piecing together the jigsaw of causes and impacts, in particular, through a study of the Adelie penguins at Palmer. Meredith Hooper worked with key scientists during a ferocious summer of unprecedented weather on the Antarctic Peninsula. Her story is precisely located in time and space, focusing on the work and ideas of individual scientists, and on the local animals. In addition she draws on her wider experience of working in Antarctica, on research vessels and scientific bases.

The Ferocious Summer memorably brings an outsider’s non-specialist awareness to the crucial understanding of what is happening, now, to the planet we share.

Praise for The Ferocious Summer:

‘…this is one of the most important popular science books to be written in years. It is highly readable and fully accessible… Her book is so important because she makes this complex subject understandable and compelling.’
The Irish Times

‘…fascinating account of a summer spent at an Antarctic research station… Hooper’s story of scientists, penguins and her growing obsession with the beauty of ice conveys the allure of working in this most challenging of environments. For decades, Antarctica’s chief export has been scientific knowledge. This book does justice to the valuable work that is being done to add to that knowledge.’
The Sunday Times

‘The strength of this book lies in its lively, but even-handed, reportage of some very diligent science. It is also very readable. Woven throughout is an evident passion for this strange and alluring land….’
David Shukman, The Daily Mail

‘Hooper has written a book that is unique among the wide-ranging Antarctic literature of recent times. The book is a delight to read … providing the human and scientific contexts of the research efforts and the contribution to climate change science in a remarkably intimate manner.’
The Australian

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