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The Forest Wife Trilogy

UK Publisher: Young Corgi

A engrossing and gripping three-in-one retelling of the Robin Hood story. In The Forestwife trilogy, we are putting together the three retellings of the Robin Hood story by Theresa Tomlinson – these were published separately as The Forestwife, Child of the May and The Path of the She Wolf and sold well both in this country and in the US. Theresa always wanted to identify with Marian but the gentle ladylike image found in most books did not satisfy her. She felt Marian should have a toughness about her, be ready to go along with the men who were outlawed and live rough with them – and that was how The Forestwife was born. She is strong in a very female way and she is a healer and a midwife and a very good food provider, She does not enjoy fighting but will fight if she has to to defend the poor and needy against the injustices of the medieval kings, Richard and John. She uses plots from various legends and sources but the book which is action packed and fast moving, is at the same time sensitive and moving. It can be enjoyed by all ages.