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The Ides

UK Publisher: Endeavour Press

March, 44BC

Caesar is a dead man…

A plan to murder the most powerful political leader in the world is under way.

More than twenty assassins are directly involved. Hundreds of others are aware of the plot, with thousands more hoping for its success. Only a handful of men and women stand against them, led by the infamous Artemidorus.  He and his associates are working undercover in the households of the main suspects, risking kidnap, torture and death in a desperate race against both time and fate. They are hopelessly outnumbered, battling against the most dangerous men in the city, their servants, slaves and soldiers.
The future of the world as they know it is in their hands.

But the scheming senators will go to any lengths to stop anyone standing in the way of their plan, and with an army of bloodthirsty gladiators willing to carry out their orders, is Artemidorus destined to meet an equally brutal end?

Set against the backdrop of Ancient Rome, The Ides is a fast-paced historical thriller, providing an insider perspective to the infamous Ides of March.