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The Journey – Abdul Musa Adam

UK Publisher: Mirror Books

The astonishing true story of one boy’s journey across the globe in search of a safe place to live.

Raised by a tribe of nomads in Darfur, Abdul was just 7 years old when the government began a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against his people. The Sudanese army killed his entire family and burned his home to the ground.

Abdul narrowly escaped with his 3-year-old brother Yusuf, and together they fled to Chad. There they endured appalling conditions in one of the world’s most impoverished refugee camps.
Until one day Abdul was offered the chance of a better life. A chance fraught with danger that would force him to make the most heart-breaking decision of his life.

Abdul’s death-defying journey eventually led him to the UK, where his love of animals provided a lifeline, and he landed a job as a stable boy.

But the choice he made that day in Chad would continue to haunt him…


‘What Abdul has gone through is simply unimaginable. But his story shows the incredible power of sport to bring people together and help them to heal, even after the most appalling suffering.’ Clare Balding

Ros Wynne-Jones is an award-winning journalist, columnist and writer. She currently writes the Daily Mirror’s campaigning ‘Real Britain’ column and...