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The Judas

UK Publisher: HarperCollins

Steve Jackson does for MI6 what Chris Ryan did for the SAS.

Four people can keep a secret if three of them are dead…

In Rome, the severed hand of a retired MI6 head of station is found at one of the city’s landmarks. The hand is holding a bag containing thirty silver pieces.

Meanwhile, in London, MI6 agent Paul Aston is on the point of quitting. Once on the MI6 fast track, his career has stalled. He has been passed over for one promotion too many; his colleagues treat him like a leper. When he is approached to head up a new task force, he jumps at the chance. His first mission is to investigate the murder in Rome. When one of MI6’s directors dies suddenly, Aston realises there is more going on than meets the eye. The death looks like a heart attack, but it’s not. As Aston digs deeper he uncovers a conspiracy that dates back to the dying days of the USSR.

Someone wants this kept secret. Someone with everything to lose if the truth gets out. But who is THE JUDAS?

Praise for The Judas

“Jackson does it again with another page turner” The Sun