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The Last Governor

UK Publisher: Time Warner

During the final five years of British rule in Hong Kong, Jonathan Dimbleby witnessed history in the making.

The unprecedented access he was given to Chris Patten, the last governor of Britain’s last significant colony, has enabled Dimbleby to chart every twist and turn of an extraordinary diplomatic, political and personal drama in this remarkable book.

As events unfolded Patten freely discussed with Dimbleby, for the future record, every aspect of his governorship: his approach to diplomacy, his tactics, and with a rare and refreshing candour his feelings about his allies and adversaries in Hong Kong and London.

Set against the backcloth of Hong Kong’s emergence from the Opium Wars to become one of the greatest trading posts in the world, the jewel in Britain’s imperial crown, this vivid and authoritative account of the last days of a turbulent period of British colonial history is illuminated by the experiences and opinions of contemporary Hong Kong citizens and experts.

The Last Governor, fascinating in its insight into the workings of international diplomacy, also examines the broader concepts of duty and expediency and looks beyond 1997 to an uncertain future for Hong Kong as this momentous chapter in its story draws to a close.