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The Lives We Dream Of

UK Publisher: On submission
US Publisher: On submission

A compelling commercial debut exploring themes of love, guilt and global responsibility.

“I open my eyes. The sky is almost dark now and the wind is whipping my face. I feel my arm. I am still alive. I am on the upside-down of this boat. Just me. Alone. You are gone.” 

Rahma is boarding an overcrowded boat to reach a country where she and her twin brother Ahmed will finally be safe.

On the other side of the Mediterranean, Laney’s life finally seems to be going her way. In just a few weeks she will be a qualified Paediatrician and this weekend she will get engaged to the man she has been in love with her entire life, Ed.

When Laney and Ed find Rahma, alone and close to death in the middle of the sea, choices will be made that change all of their lives, and their dreams.

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Linda O’Sullivan has worked across a wide array of occupations including tour guide, researcher, lecturer, tech entrepreneur, script editor and...