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The Lovers Of Pound Hill

UK Publisher: Hutchinson

When archaelogist Molly Bonner arrives in the village of Lufferton Boney, she creates quite a stir. With her non-country-style boots, determined manner and alluring looks, she sets off a wave of intrigue that ripples through the lives of everyone there, from Julie the barmaid at the Holly Bush to antiques dealer Dryden Fellows and Montmorency the cat. Nobody knows exactly what she’s up to, but one thing seems certain: her presence will alter the lives and loves of the village and its people for good.

For Molly is a girl on a mission: to discover the truth behind Lufferton Boney’s sinister and most notorious resident, the giant (and slightly obscene) Gnome, a fertility symbol etched into the face of Pound Hill. As she works her way into the villagers’ hearts and lives, Molly needs to keep one step ahead. She has a few demons of her own to settle, as she pursues the wonderful secret that only the Gnome can reveal…

Mavis Cheek is on brilliant form in this warm and sparklingly witty novel about life and love.

‘Lively, sunny, positive, this is a real cheerer-upper of a book.  You’ll love it’ – Daily Mail