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The Magic Callaloo

UK Publisher: Walker Books

Long ago and far away, a magic callaloo plant grew in a village square. Whoever ate one of its leaves was granted a wish. But a greedy selfish man wanted all the wishes for himself so he stole the callaloo. With only one leaf left, Mister and Missus, desperate for a child, pluck it to make their dream come true. But the greedy man wants everything and he kidnaps their beloved daughter, who will ultimately make the most remarkable escape.

Trish Cooke says, “The Magic Callaloo pays homage to my ancestors and the roads they walked to freedom.”


‘Master storyteller Trish Cooke is in top form with this vibrant story of community, magic, love and family that’s bursting with life and colour.’ – Dapo Adeola

Trish Cooke has written seventeen books for children including So Much, which won the 1994 Kurt Maschler Award and the...