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The New Rulers of the World

UK Publisher: Verso

In The New Rulers of the World, the award-winning journalist John Pilger selects from his recent Guardian and New Statesman essays on power, its secrets and illusions.

The title is from his television film about the mythology of globalization; in which he revealed how General Suharto’s bloody seizure of power in Indonesia in the 1960s was part of a Western design that was the beginning of globalization in Asia.

In this book, John Pilger discloses more of Indonesia’s secret history, as well as describing the price paid by the people of Iraq for the West’s decade-long embargo. The author also contemplates the September 11th terrorist attacks on America and the causes.



John Pilger was one of the world’s most renowned investigative journalists and documentary film-makers. His books include Heroes (1986), Distant...