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The Positively Last Performance

UK Publisher: Oxford University Press

The performances at The Royal Theatre are extraordinary. You’d have to see them to believe them! But that’s the problem. Nobody can see them. Except Gracie, that is.

Gracie’s new to this seaside town, but she’s making friends quickly. There’s Mikey the Mod who wears a parka and drives a scooter, Miss Melluish whose skirt is missing, and Frank Stuart, the builder of elephants.

But the old theatre is under threat. Will Gracie and the residents be able to save their home, or is the curtain set to fall on their very last performance?

Praise for The Positively Last Performance

‘Yet another outstanding novel from the remarkably talented Geraldine McCaughrean . . . this is a beautifully crafted piece with an endearing cast of characters and not a word wasted.’  The Bookseller

McCaughrean is a stylist. Her prose is a pleasure to read, and reads as if it was a pleasure to write. There’s a lightness about it, a whimsical humour, and a singular relish for language . . . And what a fantastic and inspiring idea to unite a community and a children’s author in this way.’  The Guardian

‘This entertaining book is Geraldine McCaughrean at her best. It races along, peopled by a multitude of fascinating characters each with stories of their own that are skilfully intertwined. Each tale is treated with sympathy and humour as strange events unfold … The language is as rich as the scenery, the entertainment value huge and the twist in the story is unexpected. As ever in Geraldine’s novels, hope triumphs and love is the most powerful tool of all’ Carousel