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The Pure

UK Publisher: Polygon

Uzi is at a low ebb. A former elite Mossad operative, he is now working in London as a security guard and low-level drug dealer, harbouring dark thoughts about his previous employers. When an old comrade comes to him with a proposal, to spill the story of a top-secret assassination mission to Wikileaks, it is a chance not just to make some money but to take revenge. The story he has to tell threatens not just the stability of the Israeli government, but the security of the Middle East.

But the Mossad do not forget their own, and Uzi is soon flung into a vortex where no one can be trusted. And now, like a Jason Bourne gone to seed, he has to rediscover his old skills if he is to stay alive.

A high-octane, morally complex and thoroughly grown-up thriller, The Pure introduces a brilliant new espionage anti-hero.