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The Real Bravo Two Zero

UK Publisher: Cassell

Bravo Two Zero was the code-name of the ill-fated SAS operation during the Gulf War, a mission where almost everything that could go wrong, did. An eight-strong SAS team was tasked to find Scud missiles in Iraq, but after mistakes, failure and sheer bad luck three of the team died, four were captured and one escaped. Their story became the stuff of legend – and two best-selling books. But grave doubts have emerged about the Bravo Two Zero story.

Michael Asher went to Iraq to discover what really happened. A fluent Arab speaker who has himself served in the SAS, he retraced the footsteps of the patrol. The story he uncovered is very different from previous accounts and now, finally, the truth behind Bravo Two Zero can be told.

“This book is much too good to be left to the SAS-worshippers … readers will find his reconstruction of this `twentieth century Charge of the Light Brigade’ absolutely enthralling.” – The Scotsman