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The River Man

UK Publisher: Audible Original

How do you track down a killer who might not even exist?

You’d best be good or the River Man will get you…

An Audible exclusive from thrilling new talent, R B Croft. The River Man is a genre-busting crime novel that will have you lying awake at night, wondering ‘what if…?’

Clem knows every inch of Watersmeet like the back of his hand. After all, he’s controlled crime here for most of his career. But after a shock murder, he meets jaundiced yellow eyes shining out of the darkness beyond the houses on the village’s eerie southern slopes, and everything he thought he knew about the place is thrown into question.

Clem’s grown up with local legends, just like everyone else. But could the River Man be real, and might this creature be behind the recent mysterious killings? It’s a theory – and not one that his superiors want to hear. They’re more interested in courting soundbites and social media with their own wild explanations. Drugs? Gangs? Clem just doesn’t believe it.

Suspended, he takes matters into his own hands and strikes out into the woods behind the farm. Here, amongst the trees and hidden caves, he discovers more than he ever wanted to. Something that’s been hiding. Something that needs to be smoked out. Clem sets out to solve the village’s biggest crime ever, but at what cost?

RB Croft loves the wild and ‘what if’. A married father and certified book nut, he’s often found outdoors with...