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The Scheme of Things

UK Publisher: Polygon

Pommy Freiberg is one of the last of the big city beasts; Chairman and CEO of a multi-national conglomerate that Pommy controls as a personal fiefdom. No-one knows better than Genevieve, Pommy’s party-planning wife, the extent of his ruthless, unreconstructed cunning. So when things start to unravel with a pet project at the mighty Belston Corporation, Pommy does not hesitate to offer a sacrifical lamb to the City wolves; his devoted heir apparent Nick. Spat out, crumpled and used, Nick retreats to his dull regional hometown where a chance encounter with childhood love Alison sets them on a quest for vengeance. As Pommy fights a hostile takeover battle from London’s latest business wunderkind, Nick and Alison make their own plans for revenge, pursued by Alison’s abandoned husband Jonathan. All paths lead to London, and the union of all destinies at the social event of the year.


THE SCHEME OF THINGS made me laugh, or snigger, out loud… Hennigan is a witty writer and he patrols his ‘human zoo’ well, injecting considerable tension into the absurd plot, and creating the claustrophobic anticipation of mayhem that I associate with Fawlty Towers. I cheerfully disliked all the characters and it gave me nothing but pleasure to anticipate each and every one of them coming a cropper.
Sunday Herald

THE SCHEME OF THINGS is tinged with a highly Darwinian flavour… and oozed the same biting humour … as PATRICK ROBINSON. [It] is a darkly humorous tale packed full of unexpected twists and turns in which only the fittest – and not the most righteous – survive. Hennigan focuses the action on some truly revolting characters, but he also creates such fantastically sharp comedy that this is a page-turning read.
Scotland on Sunday