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The Secret Life of Husbands

UK Publisher: Orion

Ruth Blackison has fallen madly in love with Ned Haskell and he with her. They are taking the plunge and marriage is a few short months away. But the problem with true love is that it doesn’t involve just two people. There’s a whole new family of in-laws to meet, get to know and get on with. And then there are the friends…

Ruth has enough problems learning to understand her unpredictable mother-in-law, let alone like her. Is the woman merely difficult, or is there something more dangerous here? Then she meets Ned’s close-knit circle of friends whose past relationships seem more tangled than most. She quickly realises that without the friends’ approval, it could be a short engagement. At a time when she should be looking forward to a happy future, Ruth begins to get caught up in the past, and all the things that happened to Ned and his friends years before.

Is she imagining things? Has Ned really changed? Or are the friends still bound up by the complex, shifting balances that have the power to tear people apart?

Priase for The Secret Life of Husbands

‘Beware of what you wish for. This compulsive tale of love, marriage and what comes after the perfect wedding will have you riveted to the spot’ – Cathy Kelly

‘Kirsty Crawford has a brilliant eye for characterisation, creating genuinely believable protagonists who are as flawed and real as they are engaging. I was absolutely on a knife-edge throughout the book wondering what was going to happen. She has an ability to get inside the hearts and minds of readers and hijack us before we realise what’s going on. With writing this addictive, word will quickly spread’ – Fiona Walker