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The Secrets of St. Dee

UK Publisher: Pocket Books

Since its rushed and secretive evacuation in 1942, the isolated village of St Dee has remained undisturbed on the Salisbury Plain. Rumours have abounded for decades about why the villagers were uprooted, but the truth remains shrouded in mystery. Sixty years on the surviving relatives are invited to re-awaken the ghost village. But after so many years asleep, can a village return to life?

The offer of an English country cottage is something Carrie Armstrong’s always dreamed of. Even if it comes via her husband Mark’s painful family past. It’s a chance for them to leave their cramped London flat for a house with a garden in St. Dee – and room for the children Carrie longs for.

Yet as she settles into St. Dee, and discovers more about the original owners of the house – Mark’s tragic grandmother, Lily, and her older schoolmaster husband, Jack – Carrie begins to realise that the secrets of the house are really nothing compared with the secrets of her own relationship…

With a village full of ghosts and a house full of secrets, will Carrie and Mark ever be able to settle in the present and plan for the future?