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The Sex Life of My Aunt

UK Publisher: Faber & Faber

Dilys has a beautiful home, a perfect husband and a close family. Apart from the envy of her less contented sister everything in her rags to riches life is lovely, lovely, lovely. Until the day she meets a man on a railway station who is also – lovely. As she hurtles towards either her destruction or her liberation she discovers that deceit is in the blueprint of our birth, that ancient Aunts have their own dark secrets, that envious sisters have their reasons. The right choice, like truth, is rarely pure and never simple.

Mavis Cheek tackles the great question of Love with her characteristic wit and perception but never has she written with such passion or with greater seriousness of purpose.

“Mavis Cheek is plain charming. The Sex Life of My Aunt is knowing, witty and wry.” – Observer

“streets ahead of the usual run of romantic comedy. For a start, Cheek is a genuinely witty writer with the ability to make you laugh out loud, but in addition she draws real, three-dimensional characters, whose motives you can understand and whose emotions you care about.” – Daily Mail