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The Stars’ Tennis Balls

UK Publisher: Hutchinson

“We are merely the stars’ tennis balls, struck and bandied
Which way please them”
(The Duchess of Malfi, John Webster)

Pure Stephen Fry, this is the story of Ned Maddstone, a very nice young man who is about to find out just what hell it can be to be one of the stars’ tennis balls.

For Ned 1980 seems a blissful year. Handsome, charming, popular and a fine cricketer, his life is progressing smoothly, effortlessly, happily. And when he meets the lovely Portia Fendeman his personal jigsaw appears complete.

But timing is everything in life, and his life is about to change forever. Things are going to get very bad indeed for innocent young Ned. A promise made to a dying teacher and a spiteful trick played by fellow pupils will rocket Ned from cricket captain to solitary confinement, from head boy to hell.

When Ned emerges he is a man bent on just one thing – revenge; and revenge is a dish he plans to savour and serve to those who conspired against him.

Part love story, part thriller, The Stars’ Tennis Balls is a glorious rich mix that only Stephen Fry could produce.

“Whatever he does, Stephen Fry has it – that rare, unlearnable quality. When he speaks, you listen. When he writes, you read.” – Literary Review

“Its perfectly streamlined plot is laced with wit and wisdom. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Daily Mail