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The Traitors

UK Publisher: BBC Books

It’s time to start your adventure. Get them before they get you.

Put your sleuthing skills to the test in a world of deception, betrayal, and strategy. Placed in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, you must figure out if your fellow players are Faithful or a Traitor. Can you trust Jorge, the dentist with an encyclopaedic memory and tendency to smile at everyone? Or Nina, the retiree who acts like the group’s matriarch but has a knowing glint in her eyes? Beware, for in this treacherous game, trust is a luxury you cannot afford.

In the official book of the BAFTA-winning phenomenon, The Traitors: The Interactive Game Book, the decisions you make will decide what happens next. Take this thrilling journey on your own or with others, pooling your wisdom to make the right choices. With over twenty standalone games to play as a pair or in a group – all with cunning Traitors twists – this is the perfect gift, guaranteed to unleash hours of mischief and fun.

Alan Connor is a writer, journalist, television producer and sometime presenter, actor and academic. He has contributed to many long-running...