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The Trespassers Companion by Nick Hayes

UK Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Trespasser’s Companion is a rallying cry for greater public access to nature and a gently seditious guide to how to get it: by trespassing.

We may be excluded from the majority of our land, no less than 92% in England, but bestselling nature writer and trespasser Nick Hayes shows how we can reclaim our lost connection. By engaging with the land through craft and learning and by caring for it, our relationship with the countryside will be better for us, and better for nature.

Interwoven are testimonials from expert contributors – farmers and landworkers, activists and authors – each with deeply personal stories of what a connection to nature means for them. With exquisite woodcut illustrations throughout, this is both a love letter to nature and a call to action.


‘Brilliant, passionate and political . . . The Book of Trespass will make you see landscapes differently’
― Robert Macfarlane

‘A remarkable and truly radical work, loaded with resonant truths’ ―
George Monbiot

Nick Hayes is a writer, illustrator and print maker who lives on the Kennet and Avon canal. His most recent book, The...