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The Turn of Midnight

UK Publisher: Allen & Unwin
US Publisher: Mira Books / Harlequin

As the Black Death continues its devastating course across England, the quarantined people of Develish have no way of knowing who else has survived. And with dwindling stories, they soon have no choice but to leave their relative safety. But what awaits them in the desolate wasteland outside?

Thaddeus Thurkell, a free-thinking, educated serf, strikes out in search of supplies and news. A compelling leader, he sets about ensuring Develish’s future – and freedom for its people – in a world that no one recognizes…


‘This stunning sequel to The Last Hours presents a striking portrait of an almost post-apocaliptic medieval world in which rich and poor must re-evaluate their relationship to one another – and to a God many fear has abandoned them.’ Sunday Express


‘Walters’ transition away from crime is complete, bringing her a wealth of new fans.’ The Herald Sun


‘This is the very definition of a must-read… eloquent, absorbing, absolutely fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. Minette Walters has the most beautiful voice, my soul became at one with the words. The Turn of Midnight is a powerful, gripping read’ Liz Robinson, LoveReading


‘Lady Anne and Thaddeus Thurkell had stayed very real to me and I was delighted to find out what happened to them. I’d read the first book because I was interested to see what a giant of the crime genre could achieve in the world of historical fiction. This time I didn’t need an excuse. Minette Walters draws a compelling picture, not just of an area which has been ravaged by the plague but of the way in which archaic views about status and the dominance of the church are proving to be a drag on the wider community. There’s a great deal of research put into all this, but the story wears it very lightly. You’re not going to feel that you’re being educated, although you’re likely to learn a great deal.’ The Bookbag


‘A woman with crazy heretical ideas in those times makes for a good thrilling book.’ Book Girl of Mur-Y-Castell


‘There is no doubt that the author has created a very believable and almost dystopian medieval world. Alive with menace from the start The Turn of Midnight is a vivid recreation of medieval life and one of the best historical fiction series I have read in a long time.’ Jaffareadstoo


‘This is compelling historical fiction, which combines a thrilling story of adventure with some really big themes, all told with Minette Walter’s customary splendid flair.’ For winter nights – A bookish blog


‘It is a novel filled with history, and intrigue, and mysteries that are woven in and out, throughout each perspective that is told, ensuring that story is given a full body and dense, yet amazingly intricate threads and characters that revolve around a variety of issues around gender, class and religion that are still in play today, and that still affect people all around the world today in a variety of ways. It is one of those novels which is dense and intense, yet at the same time, summons you and begs you to read on, because there is so much to know, so many unanswered questions that need to be resolved. It does this nicely, and in a satisfying way that shows the expectations of people are not always right, and that people who try to undermine those they wish to will not always succeed.’ The Book Muse


The Turn of Midnight again excels in creating a wonderful sense of place and enveloping the reader in the time period. Despite the fact that the battle scenes involve arrows and not high powered weapons, they are gripping. It’s an action packed story that you can’t put down’ Sam Still Reading


‘The story clips along at a sharp pace, barely allowing you an opportunity to put it down. The suspense is rife, the clever layers of storytelling second to none. The Turn of Midnight is historical fiction at its finest, a fitting follow up to The Last Hours that had me holding my breath in anticipation on more than one occasion.’ Theresa Smith Writes


‘Walters obviously has a keen understanding of human nature, both the positive and negative aspects, and channels this understanding into her characters to really bring them to life.’ The Most Sublime


‘The Turn of Midnight again excels in creating a wonderful sense of place and enveloping the reader in the time period.’ Sam Still Reading


‘It is an interesting and compelling piece of atmospheric historical fiction about a horrific period and reading groups would find plenty to discuss.’ Nudge review


‘The historical research is authentic and convincing and the writing so tight that it is easy to imagine all the action that ensues down to the last detail. It’s all so well described. Ms. Walters is a master of her craft and the reader is drawn in carried along with the narrative flow. It’s storytelling at its very best.’ Nudge review


‘Definitely a 5 star historical fiction read.’ NetGalley Review