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Third Strike

Bodyguard and ex-Special Forces soldier Charlie Fox is slowly recovering from the wounds suffered during her previous assignment and is itching to prove herself to her new boss. Little does she know there’s a personal matter on the horizon that’s going to take up all of her attention.


There is no love lost between Charlie and her disapproving family. But when she realises her father is in trouble, she doesn’t think twice before jumping in to help.


It appears Richard Foxcroft, highly regarded surgeon and pillar of the community, has upset the wrong crowd and they’re using underhand and increasingly violent methods to systematically destroy the man’s immaculate reputation. But Why?


It’s up to Charlie to find out; the only trouble is, it means spending quality time with her parents.


But, when that fails to deter Foxcroft, killing him seems the next best option. Now, facing an enemy with apparently limitless resources, it’s up to Charlie to keep her father alive long enough to find a way out . . .