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Laurence Schofield’s world was torn apart when his teenage daughter vanished one day in the middle of Birmingham. No trace of her was found. But six years later, a T.V crew filming homeless people in London record’s a few seconds’ footage of a girl who just might be her.

Schofield heads for the capital, thinking it will be simple. But this isn’t the London of the tourist brochures: it’s the Tinderbox, an area of dangerous dereliction where the homeless have created an alternative society with its own rules.

He’s rescued by a teenage boy on the run from a family disaster of his own. Jonah knows how to survive in the alien landscape. What he hasn’t yet learnt is how to protect himself from the ruthlessness of a man who thinks nothing matters as much as finding his lost child…



“The rabbit-hole world Bannister evokes is so relentlessly and convincingly sordid that her quietly hopeful ending seems nothing short of miraculous.” Kirkus

“Bannister once again proves herself a skilled storyteller in this poignant, memorable story.” Publishers Weekly
“A spellbinding plot that grabs the reader from page one, combined with a gritty and disturbing look at the world of the homeless, make this blend of thriller and social realism an eye-opening and thoroughly compelling read.” Booklist, Starred Review
“Poignant” Ayo Onatade, Mystery Women