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To Hell in High Heels

UK Publisher: Arrow

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone: getting older. Some do it gracefully, others less so, but no one is immune to wrinkles and grey hair creeping up, seemingly overnight. And once they’re there, they’re hard to shift.

Helena Frith Powell, fashion and lifestyle journalist extraordinaire, didn’t even want to think about surrender. Surely, something could be done about advancing age? Armed with potions, lotions and pills (as well as resorting to a few much more extreme measures), she sets out to investigate any and all anti-aging tricks out there.

From aloe vera tea and botox to yoga and zinc masks, “To Hell in High Heels” is the hilariously funny tale of one woman taking on the body clock, giving you a tried-and-tested survival guide for that ill-fated moment when the first wrinkle dares show its face.

Praise for To Hell In High Heels:

‘It is a guide both practical and philosophical, but what really elevates this above similar titles is the writer’s easy, confiding charm’ – Booksellers’ Choice – The Bookseller