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Prey to All

‘It’s about a family on the edge and the dynamic that went horribly awry. Two people are dead, another’s incarcerated for life, and one is living in slightly bizarre triumph…Interested yet Trish?’ Too intrigued to resist, Trish Maguire joins the fight to free Deb Gibbert from a life sentence for the murder of her father. Trish’s own father is lying in intensive care after a heart attack, she has a heavy workload and a full life, but Deb’s agonising story pulls her deeper and deeper into the campaign. Having visited the prison to hear Deb’s account of what happened the night her father died, Trish cannot believe she is a killer. But nearly everyone else thinks she is, including the QC who defended her in court and some of the people closest to her. And Deb’s two staunchest supporters, high profile MP Malcolm Chaze and Trish’s old friend TV producer Anna Grayling, have their own, private, reasons to want her free. As she struggles to fulfil her obligations, Trish’s doubts begin to cloud her judgement. But her nerves are stretched to breaking point when one of Deb’s supporters is shot dead at his own front door. Suddenly, it is clear to Trish that Deb’s case is far from black and white. With her fierce belief in justice, and her even fiercer belief in the absolute need for the strong to protect the weak, Trish finds herself in an emotional maze that seems to have no exit. Prey to All is as rich in compassion as it is in anger, and the interwoven subplots touch on issues that affect us all.


‘Natasha Cooper’s special gift is for creating real-life people’. Sunday Telegraph

‘Natasha Cooper brings a keen emotional intelligence to bear on the dark side of contemporary life.’ Val McDermid

‘Cooper cunningly weaves these plots together as [Prey to All] chases to its close in a stunning turnabout ending.’ Publishers Weekly

‘Trish is an engaging character, warm and human, and well drawn’ Donna Leon, The Sunday Times

‘Natasha Cooper possesses the ability to write some of the most dark and realistic crime novels around’ Birmingham Post

‘Cooper’s novels are a welcome alternative [to the violence of much recent crime fiction]: convincing and hard-hitting, they explore how ordinary people get caught up in appalling events’ The Times

‘Natasha Cooper is another writer who deals with real life. Trish Maguire, a lawyer, is a flesh and blood character with a likeable personality…The ending of this accomplished novel is both bitter and believable’ Sunday Telegraph