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Twin Tales

UK Publisher: Egmont

Twin Trouble
Connie’s not happy. Her parents are having a baby. Well, not one, but two babies! Why do they need more children? They’ve got her! Soon the house is filled with dirty nappies and screaming babies and Connie’s expected to help. And no one pays any attention to her. It’s not fair. So when Nurse Meade puts some blue beads in her hair, Connie’s delighted. And when she clacks them together, things start to happen…Soon, everyone can see things from Connie’s point of view.

Connie and the Water Babies
The babies love the water, but Connie is scared of it. She can’t swim and she hates going to the pool. Then Nurse Meade gives Connie some more blue beads. And when they clack together, suddenly Connie can swim like a mermaid.