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Two Lipsticks and a Lover

UK Publisher: Gibson Square

Why is it that French women look as glamorous in a T-shirt and pair of jeans as a designer dress? What is the secret that keeps them sexy and attractive from 18 to 80? How do they stay pencil thin? Why do they flirt so much? And how do they justify sleeping with their best friends’ husband?

Helena Frith Powell puts on suspenders and goes deep undercover to reveal the secret of French beauty in a witty investigation. Exploring French women’s passion for looking and feeling good, she talks to experts on French womanhood – from intellectuals from St. Germain, to the owner of a sex shop for women, to the bra fitter in the lingerie rooms of an exclusive department store in Paris – where she says goodbye to her M&S knickers forever. French women, she discovers, aim for maximum effect with the least amount of effort through their passion for face-creams, silk underwear, and la petite adventure.

Bin the books that tell you what to wear and what to eat. Find your inner French woman instead! Irresistible, chic, persuasive, TWO LIPSTICKS is the ultimate stylebook that could radically change the way you look and, more importantly, think about yourself.

‘Elegance is refusal’.
Coco Chanel

Praise for Two Lipsticks and A Lover:

‘Smart and funny’ – Richard and Judy

‘Sharp, very elegantly written’ – The Sunday Times

‘Fascinating – and illuminating’ – Daily Mail