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Up On Cloud Nine

UK Publisher: Random House Children's Books

When Stolly falls from the top floor window of his house, everyone thinks it was an accident. Stolly has always been so alive, so inspiring, taking risks, hiding nothing, notorious for being the school’s most imaginative liar (or fantasist, as he calls it). But his best friend, Ian, who’s as close to him as a brother, knows him better than that: the unconventional Stolly is mercurial and depressive and Ian suspects that the fall was a suicide attempt that failed. As Ian waits beside the hospital bed his memories of life with Stolly reveal a portrait of an extraordinary boy and the truly inspirational affect he has on everyone he meets.

Up on Cloud Nine is a characteristically funny, moving, life-affirming novel from multi-award-winning Anne Fine.

“Anne Fine has produced a cracking new book for older children …perfectly pitched to hook in even the most reluctant reader.” – Daily Mail

“She should be now have copyright on the phrase, a fine novel for young teens” – The Guardian

“When it comes to innovative writing, Anne Fine is right out there leading the pack” – Booklist

“Exit J D Salinger. Enter Anne Fine” – New York Times Book Review