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The Verdict

UK Publisher: Sphere
US Publisher: Pegasus

Terry Flynt is a struggling legal clerk given the biggest opportunity of his career: to help defend a millionaire accused of murdering a woman in his hotel suite.

The only problem is that the accused man, Vernon James, turns out to be Terry’s sworn enemy – a man who betrayed him and turned all his friends against him at university. This case could potentially make Terry’s career, but how can he defend a man that he loathes?

With the trial date looming, Terry delves deeper into Vernon’s life and is forced to confront secrets from their shared past that could have devastating consequences for them both. With so much at stake, how can Terry be sure that Vernon is guilty? And what choices must he make to ensure that justice is done?


UK reviews:

“Stone’s genius here is making the accused increasingly despicable while prompting the reader to become increasingly invested in Flynt’s fate, as his efforts to find the truth threaten first his career, then his life.” – Barnes and Noble, December’s Top Picks in Thrillers (2015)


“London now has its own John Grisham” — Mark Billingham

“The Verdict is a terrific legal thriller in which long-buried secrets acquire the force of deadly weapons. The writing is vivid and energetic, and Stone has John Grisham’s flair in the court scenes.” – John O’Connell, The Guardian

“The Machiavellian plotting, Old Bailey fireworks, and almost Dickensian richness of character and setting makes this one a standout – Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

‘It’s a relief to have English courtroom scenes described by an author who knows better than to scatter the dialogue with cries of ‘objection’ and the sound of a gavel, and a pleasure to read someone who so obviously understands legal practice. This is a very enjoyable legal thriller’. – Jessica Mann, Literary Review

“One of the greatest crime novelists, Nick Stone takes on the legal thriller with this muscular and compelling novel. A brilliant look at loyalty and justice, this is the best British legal thriller for years.” – Catholic Herald

“It makes compulsive reading, and there’s a great pace and tension in the constant shifting of positions and loyalties, and the revelations surrounding the case that make this much more than a simple murder trial.” – Adrian Magson, Shots Crime & Thriller ezine

“A rattling good read.” – Books of the year, Express

“Now and then, there’s a book worth really shouting about. So listen up, this is the best legal thriller in years, and it’s British!…There’s murder, sex, twists galore and electrifying court scenes. Stone’s a star!” – Alex Gordon, Peterborough Telegraph

“A really exciting British legal thriller – now, that’s not something that comes along every month.” – The Morning Star

“A hard, human, modern British legal thriller worthy of the top shelf. A great character, a fine warscape, a string of edge-of-seat scrapes, plenty of claret – it’s why they invented books.” – Jon Wise, Weekend Sport, 5 starred review.

“Combining an intricately crafted mystery with some fantastically tense court room scenes, this is a quite brilliant thriller.” – Sunday Mirror

“This fast-paced British legal thriller twists and turns, and with a knockout courtroom trial scene, grips the attention from start to finish.” – Choice Magazine

US reviews:

“Mr Stone does… have a gift for keeping readers tightly locked into his stories… “The Verdict” falls satisfyingly into the traditions of both of these writers [Mr. Turow and Mr. Grisham].” Janet Maslin – The New York Times.

“The suspense never lets up in this terrific courtroom drama.” – Kirkus, Starred Review

‘This fast paced-legal thriller by the award-winning author of The Clarinet is destined to grab the attention of American readers for its complexity of plot, its depth of character development and for the nitty-gritty portrayal of London’s seamier side.’ – Library Journal

“Stone takes us on a fascinating tour of the ins and outs of the British court system. Nicknamed the “London John Grisham” by critics, Stone is giving his American cousin a run for his money. – Library Journal, Editors’ Fall Pick 2015

‘This is a taut, skilfully written, and engaging legal thriller.’- Booklist

Stone intertwines the personal and procedural, the past and the present with a facility that has English critics invoking the holy name of Grisham.’ – Vulture, 7 Books you need to read this December. 

‘This legal thriller serves up plenty of hairpin turns.’ – Chicago Tribune

‘This is the best legal thriller I have read for a long time; it is good movie material.’ The Missourian

General and online reviews:

“Nick Stone’s latest novel, The Verdict, is a compelling, intriguing, wittily engaging and, above all, thrilling legal ride that is guaranteed to have readers begging for more…If Michael Connelly’s Mick Haller series series floats your boat, be prepared to hit orbit with Terry Flynt because, judging by this outing, Crime Fiction has a new superstar litigator on its books.” – Chris High

“A twists-and-turns legal thriller, with interesting characters and authentic background. Highly recommended.” – Lizzie Hayes, Promotingcrime.blogspot

“Stone writes with cold precision, whether he’s focusing on voodoo or the dark streets of London.” –

“I would really recommend this book…you can’t help wonder what will happen next!” – Si Min (Good Reads)

“Brilliant! A gripping and exciting Legal thriller! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of thrillers and crime books!” – Sara Reis (Good Reads)

“What a fantastic read. Had me gripped from start to end & I didn’t want to put it down.” – Derek (Good Reads)