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Waiting for Sunshine

UK Publisher: Bantam / Transworld

‘Who would name a child Sunshine, then give her away?’

Chrissie has always wanted to be a mother. After months of trying to adopt, she and her husband Stuart finally get the news that a little girl named Sunshine is waiting for them.

Abandoned at a young age, the child comes to them without a family history, and it feels like a fresh start for all of them. But when fragments from Sunshine’s previous life start to intrude on her new one, the little girl’s mysterious past quickly becomes Chrissie’s greatest fear . . .

Beautiful and compelling, this is a story of hope and love, about finding the perfect family and fighting to keep it, perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult and Ruth Jones.

‘An absorbing and captivating read, and without doubt a book you’ll want to talk about to all your friends’ Holly Miller, author of The Sight of You

‘Profoundly moving, brave and beautifully written . . . Jane Sanderson’s writing is clear-sighted and sensitive, and Sunshine completely stole my heart’ Hazel Prior, author of Away with the Penguins

Jane Sanderson was born in South Yorkshire in 1962. She studied English at Leicester University, then after graduating she became...