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We Are Together Because

UK Publisher: Atlantic

The beautifully observed human dynamics of Sarah Moss meets the emo-apocalypse of The Last of Us, a gripping, moving novel about siblings, sex and the end of the world.

Luke, Connor, Thea and Violet spend their first holiday together alone in their father’s house in France. The boys don’t really know him – he left their mother when she was still pregnant with Connor, getting together with the girls’ mother soon afterwards – and they don’t really know their half-sisters, either. Luke, the eldest and most easy going of the four, is keen to bring a new shape to their overlapping, unconventional family; Connor and Thea, born just six months apart but a world of difference between them, are attracted to each other, something they try not to acknowledge but which keeps pushing its way to the surface; Violet, the youngest, is trying to figure some things out about herself, and trying desperately to forget others.

Sex, in its multiple pleasurable divergences and forms, disturbances and abuses, is on the minds of all of the siblings during the hot, lethargic summer days next to the pool. Meanwhile the land is responding and reacting to something inexplicable and eerie. There is a sound, a strong buzzing tonal undercurrent that only Connor can hear, and when Violet one night sees a plane light abruptly drop and disappear in the night sky, it signals the unsettling beginning of something that threatens so much more than their turbulent holiday…


‘An unsettling, moving and haunting novel which deftly questions what happens when layers of the self, and society and certainty begin to melt away’ – Andrew Macmillan, author of Pity

‘Andrew makes fine writing look effortless. This rich, mysterious novel glows with intelligence, poetry and heart. I loved it.’ – Sarah Waters

‘An astonishing absorbing page turner’ – Jackie Morris

‘Andrew is one of our most exceptional polymaths… a sensitive and nuanced portrayal of contemporary family dynamics… that transforms into a deeply moving and thoroughly original evocation of the end times.’ – The New European

‘We Are Together Because feels like a bright light in an increasingly dark world’ – Hesse Phillips

Kerry Andrew is a London-based musician, and author. Their debut novel, Swansong, was published by Jonathan Cape in 2018 and...