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What The Lady Wants

UK Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Melissa is the shy, shockable sweetheart of a property tycoon. Honey is supernanny meets superwoman – the gal on a one-woman mission to make men better. To an outsider, they’re two completely different women. But, they’re actually one and the same.

Until now, this has ticked along quite nicely – with Honey merely being Mel’s professional persona, when she’s running the Little Lady Agency. But now, her grandmother has asked her to take on the case of a lifetime: namely improving Prince Nicolas of Hollenberg – Europe’s most playboy of princes – who, despite his good breeding, is completely set on leading Melissa astray. And all this blue blood is making her fiance, Jonathan, finally see red.

And this isn’t all that’s on Mel’s plate. She’s trying to set up her flatmate Nelson with a nice girl; her increasingly-bonkers family are making all sorts of demands on her; her best friend Gabi is getting married! oh, and she has her own fairytale ending to find.

Can Mel rise to the challenge of reforming Prince Charmless? Will the Little Lady Agency survive? And has her own prince been there all along?

Hester Browne is a writer and journalist who lives in south west London. Her hugely popular debut romantic comedy of...