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What’s It All About?

UK Publisher: Granta

What’s It All About? Is there an answer and are philosophers the ones to provide it? These questions are the starting point for Julian Baggini’s entertaining and stimulating investigation into the meaning of life.

This book is aimed at the reader who is serious about confronting the big issues in life but is turned off by books that deal with them through religion, spirituality or psychobabble. It doesn’t hide from difficulties or make undeliverable promises.

Illustrated with the thoughts of many of the great philosophers and examples from popular culture, Baggini convincingly shows that there can be no single question about life’s meaning after all, but a number of different ones, all of which require different kinds of answers. In so doing, his book helps the reader to understand the overlooked issues behind the obvious questions and shows how philosophy provides the best tools for coming up with answers of our own.