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Where The Rock Splits The Sky

UK Publisher: Chicken House

Where Megan lives it’s forever dusk: an endless indigo sky above a wounded land that’s slowly dying…

Ever since the ‘visitors’ came, the world has stopped turning. No one sleeps, everyone’s afraid. But Megan wants to know what’s coming. She’ll stop at nothing to save those she loves. She’ll ride across a forsaken wilderness to where the rock splits the sky to set the world spinning again – and discover what she’s truly made of.


‘ … cool as hell … For Western aficionados who don’t mind alien outlaws in their shoot’em-ups.’ KIRKUS REVIEW (USA)

‘I loved this book. It was so now. A futurist cowgirl adventure that really rocks. Great cast, great setting, great adventure. Oh to be young again and coming across this book for the first time. What a treat that would be!’ JOHN MCLAY, children’s book scout

‘It gripped me on the first page and I didn’t want to put it down till the very last … 5 stars.’ Our Book Reviews blog

‘This book was perfect! Part classic Western, part sci-fi and part dystopian, Webb creates a vibrant and real world, filled with colourful and exciting characters – all with very different personalities. The action was truly gripping but there were also some more human moments with Megan learning valuable lessons about friendship and who she really is.’ Sophiescribe, The Guardian, Children’s Books