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Whispers in the Graveyard

UK Publisher: Farshore

‘They want me to join them. All I have to do is to reach out to them . . .’

Solomon struggles in school. He is bullied by his teachers and let down by his parents. His only refuge is in the local kirkyard, among ancient graves that lie in the shadow of the rowan tree. But when workmen uproot the tree and a dark and terrifying power is unleashed. Will Solomon be able to save himself and the people he cares about from the terrible curse within?

First published in 1996, Whispers in the Graveyard won the Carnegie Medal and has been adapted as a play.



‘One of those rare books that makes you want to put your life on hold for as long as it takes to finish it’ — Independent

Theresa Breslin is a prolific author and the recipient of many high profile awards for writing for young people. Her first...