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Wicked Whispers

UK Publisher: Michael Joseph

Which ?
celebrity asked for a plastic cup to be brought to her during a photo shoot because she couldn’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom?

did an A-list Hollywood heart-throb shout about his alcohol problem before downing a whole bottle of vodka?

strange sexual practice involving ice-lolly containers particularly appeals to a certain English pop star?

Jessica has all the answers.

Showbiz writer and ex-Daily Mirror 3am columnist Jessica Callan takes us behind the scenes of Celebsville, deep into the heart of the indignities, the lies and the dodgy deals.

In this slick and terribly indiscreet memoir, she lifts the lid on what celebrities get up to at those after-show parties, how PRs really operate and to what end she goes to obtain huge tabloid scoops.

Fun, raunchy and packed full of eye-popping revelations, this is gossip heaven for anyone who likes a bit of scandal.