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Part travelogue, part manifesto for wildness as an essential character of life, ​Wild is a one-of-a-kind book from a one-of-a-kind author


​’I took seven years over this work, spent all I had, my time, money and energy. Part of the journey was a green riot and part a deathly bleakness. I got ill, I got well. I went to the freedom fighters of West Papua and sang my head off in their highlands. I met cannibals infinitely kinder and more trustworthy than the murderous missionaries who evangelize them. I found a paradox of wildness in the glinting softness of its charisma, for what is savage is in the deepest sense gentle and what is wild is kind. In the end – a strangely sweet result – I came back to a wild home.’

Wild describes an extraordinary odyssey, courageous and sometimes dangerous. It is by turns funny, touching and harrowing, and offers a poetic consideration of the tender connection between human society and wildlands.


‘Undefinable, untameable, profound and extraordinary’ ​Observer

‘Easily the best travel book that I have read in the last ten years’ ​Guardian

‘Wild is like nothing else I’ve ever read: thrilling, troubling, frightening, exhilarating. This is a truly necessary book, and we are all lucky that the subject found a writer worthy of it’ Philip Pullman

‘Passionate, rigorous and utterly honest, Griffiths’s remarkable book is written in a style as wild and exciting as its subject’ Robert Macfarlane

‘Take a human being. Lean it gently on the earth and let it listen awhile. Ask it then what are...