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Festering Lilies


The Department of Old Age Pensions is not noted for drama. Nor for scandal, corruption or even the odd leak to the tabloids. Not until Algernon Endlesham, its high-flying Minister, is brutally bludgeoned to death.

Willow King, Assistant Secretary (Finance) is noted for her formidably inquisitive mind. Though an enquiry is the last thing she could wish for. Especially if daunting ex-SAS Inspector Worth uncovers her figment of an alibi and well-kept secret.

Disconcertingly for Willow, however, someone has a very violent means of silencing the curious…



“A smart plot with some clever twists.” – Oxford Times

“FESTERING LILIES is witty and elegant. It is a pleasure to light on a new talent.” – The Bookseller

“Instead of the physical violence in which heroes of thrillers usually engage, WIllow proves her superiority by verbal decimation… as she effortlessly trumps male condescension.” – Observer