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Wire in the Blood: Series 2

Robson Green and Hermione Norris return as Dr Tony Hill and DI Carol Jordan in a new series of thrillers inspired by the novels of Val McDermid. Produced by Coastal Productions for ITV1, this second series was broadcast in the UK primetime in February 2004. It saw its world premiere in Israel and was seen in the USA and Australia soon after that.

Although this series is not based on the Hill/Jordan books, Val McDermid was still heavily involved in the development process.

Episode 1 "Still She Cries", first broadcast on ITV1, 12th February 2004.

Episode 2 "The Darkness of Light", first broadcast on ITV1, 19th February 2004.

Episode 3 "Right to Silence", first broadcast on ITV1, 26th February 2004.

Episode 4 "Sharp Compassion", first broadcast on ITV1, 4th March 2004.